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Wind Guards for Fire Pitscelestial-no-fault-glass-protection-wind-guard-300px.gif

There’s nothing quite like the gentle, dancing flames of a fire pit on a beautiful, starry night. But when those breezes blow, all bets are off. That’s where a flame / wind guard from Celestial Fire Glass comes in.

As we point out in the Celestial Guide to Fire Pit Flame Guards, it’s vital to have a sturdy wind barrier that blocks flames from direct wind and is made of durable, heat-resistant tempered glass. This keeps your fire burning efficiently and steadily no matter the weather. It also conserves fuel and creates a cleaner burn.

Plus, our wind guards instantly add a stylish accent to your fire pit. Choose from an array of sizes, shapes and configurations. Can’t find one that fits your fire feature just right? We’ve got you — here’s how to make your own custom flame guard.

The best thing is your flame guard is protected for life against glass breakage - no matter the cause!  Read about the Celestial No-Fault Glass Protection plan.


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