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Wind Guard for 30" x 10" Rectangular Burner Pan (35" x 15" x 6")

Flame Guard for 30" x 10" Rectangular Flame Guard

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Do your fire pit flames blaze out of control on blustery days? Keep that fire burning steady with this Celestial Fire Glass Wind Guard. Our transparent barrier blocks those troublesome breezes, so you can enjoy a full, gorgeous fire in any weather.

This Wind Guard is as beautiful as it is functional. It's made with superior materials, with softly polished edges for a truly dazzling finish. You'll be amazed at how your fire pit's look completely changes after installation. Add a pop of contemporary style to your patio showpiece while making every fire more enjoyable.

  • Works with any 30" x 10" fire pit burner pan. With dimensions of 35" x 15" x 6", this rectangular wind guard is a perfect fit for Celestial Fire's drop-in fire pit pan. It also accommodates other brands' fire pit pans of the same size.*
  • Magnifies flames for a more brilliant lightshow. Our fire pit wind guard acts as a powerful barrier against blowy breezes and even heavy winds, ensuring a more consistent flame in any weather.
  • Eliminates wasted gas or propane. Did you know an unprotected fire requires more fuel on brisk days? Our Flame Guard allows you to keep flames at a lower height (consuming less gas) while still maintaining a steady burn.
  • Instantly beautifies your fire pit. Watch how your Celestial Fire Glass Wind Guard takes your fire pit from ordinary … to fresh, sleek, and modern. This is a simple, low-cost way to upgrade your backyard fire feature!
  • Heavy-duty construction you can count on. The searing heat of the flames calls for the highest-quality tempered glass — and that's what you'll find in our Wind Guard. It's built strong to deliver years of practical beauty.

*In order to choose the proper wind guard size, measure your fire pit pan and add 5" to the overall dimension. This allows the flame guard to sit just outside the pan.

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