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Remote Control Burner Kits

Remote Control Burner Kits

 No more matches, lighters, or fumbling around underneath the surface of your fire pit to light and control the flames. With the push of a button, Celestial’s Remote Control Burner Kits allow you to turn the flames on and off, and adjust the height up and down—all from the comfort of your seat. Plus, these systems have an automatic relighting feature. If a gust of wind snuffs out your flame, the system will reignite the fire automatically.

 The control panel and remote are battery-operated so you won’t have the hassle and expense of hiring an electrician to set up your system. Keep in mind, the panel must be installed inside your feature—out of the weather.  Allow for easy access to replace batteries.

 We offer kits made specifically for propane and those for natural gas, so you won’t need a conversion kit. Just make sure you’re ordering a kit made for the type of fuel source you’re using.

While our Remote Control Burner Kits are not CSA-certified, they do share many of the same safety components as CSA kits. But if your project requires CSA-certification, these products will not be an option.


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