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1/2" Tempered Fire Glass

High Luster 1/2" Tempered Fire Glass for Fire Pits & Fireplaces

When you want the ultimate combination of shimmer, aesthetics, and safety, look no further than Celestial Fire Glass. Update your firepit or fireplace today with the modern look of 1/2" high-luster fire pit glass. This line of 1/2" glass for fire pits is our most popular fire glass.

This tempered fire glass undergoes vibrating/screening process to remove the smaller sharp pieces instead of tumbling. Then this fire glass goes through a manual process of picking out any pieces which don't meet our quality standards.  The mirrored backing adds a more dramatic effect for maximum luster. You get tempered fire pit glass with a sparkle that is more intense than other brands offer. About 10mm thick, this glass is heat-resistant and tempered for safety. Offered in handy, reusable jars (instead of clumsy bags).


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