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1/4" Tempered Fire Glass

Highly Reflective 1/4" Tempered Fire Glass for Fire Pits & Fireplaces

Add a striking look to your outdoor firepit or fireplace with reflective, 1/4" tempered fire glass. How do we create a more brilliant luster than other brands of fire glass? The secret is what we don't do. Instead of using a tumbling process (which can dull the luster), a gentle vibrating/screening process is applied to remove the small pieces with sharp edges. This, along with a reflective mirrored backing, boosts the shine factor of this fire glass.

Because it's heat resistant and tempered, you can rest assured it won't pop, crack, or explode. The 1/4" size is made from roughly 6mm-thick tempered glass with random shapes and sizes for a smooth, flowing appearance with high visual impact.


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