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Tempered Fire Glass - 1/4" Dark Gray Reflective

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1/4" Dark Gray Reflective Fire Glass

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Looking for a darker glass but not something too dark? Try our Dark Grey Reflective fire glass! This neutral gray is sure to match any style of decor plus give enough reflection to dazzle your designs.

When it comes to shine, Celestial Fire Glass delivers in spades. Our tempered glass is never tumbled, so it retains a smooth, ultra-reflective surface. We've added a mirror coating to pump up the shine even more. Ordinary rocks simply don't hold a candle to this premium fire glass. Use it with your do-it-yourself project to totally transform the look of your fireplace or fire pit.

The Celestial difference:

  • Superior strength and durability. While inferior brands of fire glass may fade or discolor, ours is engineered to provide outstanding resilience.
  • Powerful reflective properties. Most fire pit glass is tumbled, which makes its surface dull. We use an exclusive process to keep our Dark Gray Reflective glass smooth, while retaining the mirrored coating on the back side. Talk about shine!
  • No chemical odors. Worried about stinky fumes that pollute the air? You won't smell a thing with high-quality, nontoxic Celestial Fire Glass.
  • Use throughout your home and yard. It's not just for fire pits! DIY-ers scatter it in outdoor water features or pour some into your favorite clear vase.
  • Mess-free jar container. Your fire pit glass arrives in a sturdy plastic jar that's much easier to manage than a bulky plastic bag. It even has a handle!


  • Size: 1/4" (10mm thick)
  • Finish: Reflective
  • Weight: 10 lbs. (4.45 kg.)
  • Coverage: 200 Cubic Inches
  • Warranty: Lifetime Limited Warranty

California Proposition 65
Based on tests performed by an independent lab this fire glass does not contain any chemicals that meet or exceed California Proposition 65 level of concern for their listed chemicals. More specifically, the amount of Chromium and Lead are well beneath the California Proposition 65 levels of concern.


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