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CSA Burner Kits

The burner is the heart of your fire pit, providing the gas that will feed those beautiful flames when you press ‘ignite.’ Our CSA Burner Kits include everything you need to safely add a gas burner to your propane fire feature.* They’ve been rigorously tested, inspected and CSA-certified.

What is CSA Certification?
This certification assures you that a product complies with the strict safety standards set by the CSA Group—the #1 testing and certification provider of gas appliances in North America. CSA certification is recognized throughout the industry as the “gold standard” in burner safety. Learn more about when and when to choose a CSA burner kit by reading this article, "Why Choose a CSA Certified DIY Burner Kit Instead of a Standard Burner Kit".

Celestial Fire Glass CSA Fire Pit Burner Kits:

Installing a CSA burner can feel daunting. But you can do it—and we’re here to help! Check out this tutorial as well as our YouTube videos for step-by-step guidance and tips.

*Planning a natural-gas fire feature? We offer natural-gas conversion kits, sold separately right here on this page.


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