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DIY Fire Pit Tips

Helpful Tips for Planning a DIY Propane Fire Pit

Building a DIY propane fire feature, whether it be a fire table or a fire pit, can be both a lot of fun and a bit intimidating when starting your project. Not to worry, Celestial Fire is will help guide you through the entire project. On this page we’ve put together a lot of information we believe you should know going into your project. [...]

How Propane Air Mixers Work

Propane Air Mixers - Everyhing You Need to Know

Propane air mixers are an important part of any fire feature that uses propane gas. If you’re building a DIY propane fire pit or fire table, you want to be sure to include the right-size mixer in your project. But if you’ve never even heard of an air mixer, where do you begin? In this article, we’ll explain what an air mixer is, why it’s needed and how it functions. [...]

Guide to Outdoor Fire Pit Flame Guards

The Celestial Guide to Fire Pit Wind/Flame Guards

You’ve made a big investment in your fire pit or fire table, and you want it to deliver a dazzling show whenever you light it up. By blocking most of the direct wind from your flames, a flame guard will greatly improve the efficiency of your fire feature, resulting in a more eye-pleasing, cleaner, and consistent fire with every use. [...]