Fire Glass Diamonds - Clear Luster

Clear Fire Glass Diamonds in flaming fire pit.

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Looks like Water! Our clear fire glass diamonds are very popular because the unique color of this fire glass combined with the lustrous iridized surface gives it a water-like appearance. A terrific way to combine fire and water without actually having to engineer water into your project.

Want to add a touch of intrigue to your outdoor fireplace or fire pit? Light up the night with Celestial Fire Glass Diamonds in Clear Luster.

Our Fire Glass Diamonds have softer curved edges instead of sharp edges to eliminate safety worries. Measuring about 1 inch, their larger size gives them a unique look — like a bed of twinkling jewels — when spread around your fire feature. Accentuate the beauty and elegance of your fire pit, whether the flames are ablaze or not.

The Celestial difference:

  • Great for families with young kids. Since they have no jagged glass edges, our Fire Glass Diamonds are suitable for homes with children and/or pets.
  • Uniquely luminescent. The transparency and iridized finish on our Fire Glass Diamonds impart a unique, liquid-like appearance that amps up the shine.
  • Takes the heat like a champ. Our high-quality fire pit glass is supremely tough, enduring very high temperatures without breaking or melting.
  • Clean burning. Worried about toxic fumes filling your backyard space? Don't be — our fire pit glass contains no toxic chemicals and burns without odors.
  • Dress up your landscaping. You can also use our Fire Glass Diamonds to add shimmer to your garden, water features, and decorative vessels.
  • Won't get crushed in transit. No flimsy bags here — our fire glass is placed in a sturdy plastic jar. This protects it from breakage during shipping and handling so it arrives at your door looking the same as when we packed it.




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