Crushed Fire Glass - Yellow Amber 1/2" to 3/4"

Close up of gold crushed fire glass and yellow hot flames
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Want to bring inviting warmth and color to your fire pit or fireplace? Celestial Fire Crushed Fire Glass in Yellow Amber is what you're after. Reminiscent of autumn leaves, this earthy golden shade complements a range of fire feature styles.

If big, bold flames are what you like, crushed fire glass is the right choice. It has a unique shape and texture that help boost oxygen to the fire, leading to high-energy flames that dance and flicker across the glass — almost like magic!

The Celestial difference:

  • Beauty beyond compare. Because of its shape, crushed fireglass produces large, bright flames that illuminate your glass in the most dramatic way.
  • Stands up to hot flames. Your crushed fireplace glass won't lose its looks after a few fires. It's specially developed to withstand extreme temperatures.
  • Odor-free & fume-free. Worried about funny smells filling the air when your firepit is alight? Our glass is clean-burning and safe for your family.
  • A versatile decorative accent. Your crushed fireplace glass can also be used to add a splash of color and sparkle to vases and water features.
  • Smartly packaged. No need to haul around bags of glass that split open and spill. Your Celestial Fire glass arrives in a reusable plastic jar with a handle and easy-pour spout.
  • Free Shipping. All orders ship free via USPS Priority Mail.  Receive your fire glass in 3 days or less!



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